Finding love has never been easy for me…until I met the All-Clad 9.5″ fustiontec skillet. I didn’t think I could love an inanimate object as much as I love this pan. It’s obvious that I am much more a baker than I am a cook BUT with a steel core, stainless steel handle, nonstick ceramic coating, you really can’t ask for anything more in a skillet.  It doesn’t hurt that it looks GREAT too!
So far this pan has been breakfast’s best friend, I’ve made all of the eggs in all of the ways and now I look forward to waking up and cooking up an amazing meal. It’s also the perfect size to make meals for 1-2 people. This pan is extremely durable, thick steel core heats steadily and evenly; ideal for searing, browning, and braising.

The pan has some weight to it (approx. 4 lbs) and comes with a lifetime warranty – which is helpful when you’re investing in good quality cookware. It’s compatible with all cooktops including induction and oven/broiler-safe up to 500°F.

The natural ceramic finish is ultra-durable, resisting chips & scratches, and while ceramic is not considered a nonstick coating, it does resist stains and is easy to clean. And as someone who is the dishwashing machine, that sells the pan itself!

10/10 worth the investment! I can’t wait to get the matching pot.